Ken Ng
Ken Ng
Title: Head Badminton Coach

Coach Ken Ng is the Head Women's badminton Coach at Mission College. He began playing badminton in high school and has been playing the sport both competitively and recreationally since then. He is very excited to play a vital role in motivating young men and women to learn this fun and unique sport. In addition to his duties as the head badminton coach, Coach Ng also teaches badminton classes at the introduction, beginning and intermediate level.

Coach Ng has over 15 years of experience teaching at a non-profit school. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Science degree from Stanford University and a MBA from University of California, Berkeley. 

As we keep improving our skills and play towards advance levels, we'll learn that Badminton is a lifetime sport for us to cherish and enjoy! Coach Ng can be reached at